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Lou Lamoriello has been dismissed of his General Manager duties for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who were defeated in the first round of the playoffs.

It is not yet known if the 75 year old hockey legend will remain with the Maple Leafs in some capacity.

Team president Brendan Shanahan, head coach Mike Babcock, and assistant GM Kyle Dubas are left as the organization's prime movers.

The 31 year old Dubas, an analytics type, is in the running to succeed Lamoriello as Maple Leafs' General Manager.

If those three guys are on the same page with me, they looked at the off season signings of aging players' Patrick Marleau and Ron Hainsey as a move in the wrong direction and one that runs contrary to analytic philosophy of today's NHL.


Bill Torrey was the chief architect of the unbelievable New York Islanders dynasty that won 19 straight playoff series as part of four straight Cup wins from 1980-1983, finally losing to the Oilers in the 1984 Finals.

Torrey previously toiled for Charlie Finley and the California Golden Seals. He was 83.


The interesting thing to me was the fact that the first Islanders team to win the Stanley Cup only had 91 points, far fewer than their teams from the few years leading up to their Championship.

But they were a much better team by the time the playoffs started, partly due to the great trades by Torrey. Gord Lane was acquired for defense depth from Washington for forward Mike Kacycki. Butch Goring from LA for Dave Lewis and Billy Harris was huge.

But they also got defenseman Dave Langevin back from the WHA, and he started to integrate better as the season wore on. Then another defenseman, Ken Morrow, was a huge contributor following the 1980 Miracle On Ice.

Captain Denis Potvin played just 31 regular season games after getting injured early in the season, but when he came back, the team now had a bevy of depth and was a rested and ready juggernaut.


The Islanders playoff stats of 1979-80 and all NHL playoff stats should have their own values for sim games. Due to the smaller sample size, I would play the NHL post season sim games with a 50/50 statistical balance using regular season/post season values.

Half of outcomes would be from regular season team and player values, half from their post season values.

Example: Goalie had .912 save percentage in 60 games in regular year and .937 in 23 games in post season. He would have two cards, each one representing those values, but equal weight would be given to his post season representation when simulating playoffs.

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