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5/4/18 3:43 PM Quote
Chris Bacchi once again writes to Glenn Guzzo.

"Chipper and Yasiel" is the title Glenn chooses.

He posed this question to Glenn:

"Who in the history of Strat had the most HR in a season without N power" (on both sides of his hitting card)?

Mr. Bacchi guessed the answer might have been 2017 Yasiel Puig, who hit 28 homers but only two (in 110 at bats) against lefties, resulting in a W (weak) homerun rating versus southpaws.

Doing an advanced computer search using S-O-M's card viewer app (clever cross promotion), Guzzo relates that S-O-M company cardmaker John Garcia located 2002 lefty hitter Lance Berkman of the Rockies, who hit 42 homeruns while being rated W for weak power versus lefties.

Guzzo noted that he did a computer search and found 1998 Chipper Jones hit 34 homers but just two versus lefties, resulting in Strat rating him W for his power versus southpaws.


My contribution includes 1982 Jim Rice.

Rice hit 24 homeruns that year, but he hit just two dingers off lefties, leading Strat to rate him W power on the left side of his card.

1982 Rice has HR 1-15 at 2-4 versus lefties on his hitter card, no park effect homerun chances. (Park effect homeruns were 10 for righty hitters at Fenway for 1982--I'm not aware of any S-O-M player ever having park effect homers on a weak power rated side of his card).

In 1982, it was more difficult than in 1998 (Jones), 2002 (Berkman) and 2017 (Puig) to get W power when hitting at least two homeruns against lefties, as 1982 was a normalized statistical season/era as opposed to the homer happy era enjoyed by the other three guys.


1982 Jim Rice: 24 homeruns. 2 versus lefties in 155 at bats

1998 Chipper Jones: 34 homeruns. 2 versus lefties in 181 at bats

2002 Lance Berkman: 42 homeruns. 2 versus lefties in 129 at bats

2017 Yasiel Puig: 28 homeruns. 2 versus lefties in 120 at bats


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