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Complete Pickoff numbers have been posted for 1982 at the bottom category of this forum (see "Tips", as in playing tips).

They include pickoff information for all players. It replaces S-O-M rule 29.2 section B which is generically applied and inaccurate.

Complete explanations are given and examples are offered.

I look forward to adding that printout to my extensive 1982 gamer files, which include tape enhanced printouts that have been transformed into booklets.

1982 gamer enhancement update:

Cards: Tape-enhanced 3 × 5 glossies

Tape enhanced sub cards with splits and ancillary player stats written on basic side (left blank after photocopy of advanced side).

1982 Pitcher Regulation Tables (for pregame or pre-series) printed out from this forum and tape enhanced into 12 page booklet.

1982 Yank Numbers (for in-game pitcher regulation; replaces old S-O-M POW rule). Simulates pitch count and effectiveness factor. Also contains Innings Max totals for both starter and reliever roles. Printed from this forum and tape enhanced into 11 page booklet.

1982 MAS Numbers (Must Attempt Steal) for bad base stealers who previously zero out on their steal attempts in game simultion. Printed out from this forum and and tape enhanced into 9 page booklet.

I never would have imagined gaming could reach this level of greatness.

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