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Dubbed "The Japanese Babe Ruth" for his superior pitching AND hitting exploits, Ohtani heads into spring training with the 2018 Angels looking to see how his enormous skills will be exploited within the Angels' team dynamic and the American League designated hitter rule.

Ohtani's signing to a major league contract was apparently contingent upon his being allowed to perform the dual role of pitcher/hitter.

So expect the sweet-swinging, flame throwing Japanese import to have healthy sample sizes for both playing roles in 2018.

This will be extremely interesting for game engineers like myself. How will Ohtani be used? Will the Angels occasionally use him as a starting pitcher and when doing so, would they bypass the designated hitter? Or will he be used strictly in relief, switching from first base or outfield to pitcher? And back.

Then, when playing 2018 Angels in game simulation, how will I deploy him for each role?

He will show up on my 2018 Angels Pitcher Regulation Table appropriate to his frequency of respective pitching roles and be accorded Yank Number/Innings Max appropriate to his in-game pitching usage.

If--when using starter portion of Pitcher Regulation Table--d1000 outcome results in a pitching start, we work from there according to those rules (three pitchers get selected to start, which makes them ineligible to relieve--this pertains to starter/relievers--during any hypothetical three game series period--so even if we are playing just one random game, he is ineligible as a reliever for that single game if selected as one of the starters--even if he wasn't selected to start that particular game, of course.)

If--when using reliever portion of Pitcher Regulation Table--d1000 outcome results in Ohtani being selected among--let's adjust from five (1982 season norms) to, say, seven or eight (2018 season norms) bullpenners-to-be-used-first--then Ohtani may be allowed to enter the game as a relief pitcher at any point, whether he started in the field or at designated hitter or on the bench.


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