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2/25/18 9:07 AM Quote
As a game engineer, I pride myself on being on the cutting edge of gaming analytics. What works? What doesn't work? How can I maximize thrill? What's the best way to build sustainable gaming?

I have used basic mathematics and common sense to achieve the gaming analytics I desire.

And I'm using PsychoAnalytics as well, which incorporates a philosophy, attitude, and style into gaming. Gaming with confidence. Gaming with a swagger. You bet I've achieved more than could ever be thought.


In the thread "NFL Talk", I became the only known blogger to boldly predict the roaring success of Sean McVay, recently named NFL coach of the year.

That's because I realized--from analyzing him during one of his early interviews--that McVay--the youngest head coach in NFL history--is a master of analytics and PsychoAnalytics.


Here's what McVay said recently about the potential aquistition of Chiefs' star cornerback Marcus Peters, who was disciplined by Kansas City at the end of last season for undisclosed behavioral troubles:

"These are grown men, and it starts with the mutual respect that exists, where they know it's about developing and building relationships", McVay said, via the Kansas City Star. "If we're going to ask our players to be coachable, we've got to be coachable as coaches as well. That displays an ownership and accountability that we try to have and makes the players more receptive to the messages we are trying to implement...They know exactly what the expectations are, what our standards are, and they know what it is to do it the right way".

Rams' star defensive tackle Aaron Donald was at the event where McVay was speaking and counseled that McVay's smile shouldn't fool anyone because "he'll get after you if you do something wrong".

Indeed. It's still football. With high stakes. And McVay is a millennial on the cutting edge of PsychoAnalytics.

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