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6/5/17 9:09 AM Quote
Card viewer app:

What a scam that is. I would not pay for ANY app, let alone one that exists partly due to the Strat-O-Matic Game Company's shortchanging their customers on carded players.

Baseball Reference and other databases are free alternatives to profiling player splits and creating cards to fill rosters.

The Card Viewer App is a SCAM


Glenn Guzzo and others try to push the as-played method partly because it can make a lot of money for them. Guzzo recently was pushing his inventory of as-played rosters (85 past seasons for $19 stinkin' bucks a pop!).

As-played means you know in advance what pitcher will start each game from beginning to end and knowing in advance what 25 or whatever players are available for each game.

This way of regulating game play takes away the game manager'screativity and flexibility.

I suggest using probability rather than certainty, and combining that with flexibility that allows for maximizing roster use. A compromise between game manager and game regulator.

So I suggest the Pitcher Regulation Table/Flex Roster/substitute card method for game set up and enhance that with home brewed rules.

The trend toward automation in gaming has been promoted by the game company. The industry of McGaming ("fast-food", high quantity, mass game play) allows for the sales of ancillary products associated with computer gaming needs and promotes full season replays only realistically enabled by computerized autoplay.

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